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Single-Origin 101

You probably noticed a certain term we’ve been throwing around on our shop, in our emails, and even on our coffee bags…. Single-Origin! It makes up three of the four selections we roast so we thought it would be fun to talk about it! But you’re probably asking “What does that mean, and is it really that good?” 

Don’t worry, we got you covered…. and yes. Yes it is.

Single-Origin Coffee 
is simply coffee grown in a single geographic location; either on one farm or multiple farms in the same region/country. Now it may seem like this is a very specific and unnecessary classification, right? “Why would I care about where it comes from?” The single-origin classification actually carries several benefits over a more “traditional” coffee blend in the forms of Quality, Sustainability, and Variety.


Due to the nature of the single-origin process, and the fact that these beans are harvested in small amounts, farmers can keep a closer eye out for bad batches to ensure their coffee meets the gold-standard reputation that single-origin implies. Additionally, just by definition, SO coffee is typically higher quality than blends because there isn’t a variety of different beans from multiple farmers / countries being combined, so the risk for low-quality beans to slip-in is minimal.


The demand for SO coffee is so large it has been having a direct effect on the farming methods for it. This increase for higher-quality coffee has made way for higher-quality crops with higher-quality methods of sustainability and Bird-Friendly practices. SO is also typically processed through Direct Trade programs ensuring farmers get a fair price for their produce directly. With this sustainable and direct reliable income, they can keep producing in a continuously maintained, environmentally friendly way!

Variety / Flavor

One of the things we love about SO is the uniqueness of its flavor. We sell three roasts from three distinct parts of the world; Peru, Mexico, and Uganda, and each is very different from one another! You’re effectively tasting different parts of the world! Let us know if you can taste the differences in each!

To get the best results, we recommend doing a pour over with our coffee. We use a Chemex*, but any pour over system will do!