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Lavazza Coffee: Price, Products, Availability & Origins

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When it comes to coffee, there is a saturated market.

Just look at the coffee aisle at the grocery store–it can be overwhelming to see the choices and discern which coffee might be better than another.

While dozens of well-known brands exist in the United States, broadening your quest for the perfect cup of coffee to include global brands might help you find a coffee that stands out.

No one knows coffee like the Italians.

Well known for their espresso, it’s no wonder that Italy has produced some of the most successful coffee manufacturers in the world.

One of the most popular Italian coffee companies is Lavazza.

Known as “Italy’s Favorite Coffee,” Lavazza is the world’s seventh-ranking coffee roaster.

If you like a bold, traditional cup of coffee, Lavazza coffee might be for you.

What Type Of Coffee Is Lavazza?

Lavazza is an Italian coffee company specializing in blends. Lavazza produces both espresso beans and coffee beans intended for brewed coffee. Lavazza uses both Arabica beans and Robusta beans, and the majority of Lavazza coffee blends are a mixture of both.

Whole Bean Coffee

Lavazza sources beans from countries all over the world, including Africa, North America, South America, and Central America.

Lavazza sells a variety of whole beans, including some single-origin beans, but the most popular whole beans are the blends Lavazza is known for.

Ground Coffee

Lavazza produces ground coffee and ground espresso, which is ground more finely than regular ground coffee.

Lavazza also makes a wide array of coffee pods–Keurig K-cups, pods compatible with the original Nespresso machines, as well as capsules for Lavazza’s line of coffee machines, Lavazza Blue.

Is Lavazza Coffee or Espresso?

Lavazza roasts both beans specifically for espresso and beans intended for brewed coffee. However, any Lavazza coffee bean can be used for espresso coffee or coffee brewed using any method.

Is Lavazza Coffee Fresh?

Lavazza is committed to providing its customers with the best product possible. From picking to roasting to packaging, care is taken to ensure that Lavazza coffee beans are as fresh as possible when they reach you.

History of Lavazza Coffee

Luigi Lavazza opened the first Lavazza coffee store in 1895 in Turin, Italy. He studied coffee and its origins and was a pioneer in blending different beans from different regions to achieve the taste that his customers wanted.

The small coffee shop had great success and grew into a small business. In 1927 Luigi Lavazza founded the company Luigi Lavazza along with his wife and three children. Lavazza is now run by the fourth generation of the Lavazza family.

In 1947 the company was rebranded as Lavazza, and the iconic logo with the middle “A” larger than the rest of the letters was created.

By 1957, Lavazza was the largest coffee company in Italy, and with industrial-scale production, it quickly gained popularity outside of Europe. By the late 1980s, Lavazza was regarded as the world’s favorite Italian coffee.

Lavazza North America has headquarters in New York. Davide Riboni, who has worked with Lavazza Group for over 7 years, is now the President of both the North and Latin American Lavazza businesses and the Lavazza Professional NAAP (North America Asia Pacific).

In 1949 Lavazza made the first Lavazza tin–a patented cylindrical container with a pressurized lid. Having the coffee under pressure kept it fresher longer, so customers could buy several days’ worth of coffee and have it maintain its freshness.

In 1957 Lavazza switched to a new vertical production process that allowed them to produce on an industrial scale. The new “fall flow” processing allowed Lavazza to produce over 40,000kg of coffee each day.

In 1959 Lavazza created the first “autobar,” a coffee shop in a van that reached new customers and even allowed coffee drinkers to enjoy their beverages outdoors.

In 1989 Lavazza created the “Espresso Point Lavazza” system, the first single-serve espresso machine.

Striving For Better Coffee and a Better World

The “Luigi Lavazza Centre for Coffee Research” opened in 1979, devoted to the study of coffee. It has since grown into the Lavazza Training Centre, a network of 50 coffee schools worldwide that train 30,000 people each year.

In 2002 Lavazza launched the ¡Tierra! Project in conjunction with the Rainforest Alliance. Lavazza began working with specific coffee-growing communities in Honduras, Colombia, and Peru to improve the quality of the coffee produced and the quality of the environment and working conditions.  

In 2004 Lavazza created the non-profit Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza Foundation, which ensures that the company is making progress toward its sustainability goals.

Is Lavazza Coffee Made in Italy?

Lavazza coffee began in Italy, and three out of its six production sites are still in Italy. The other three manufacturing plants are in France, India, and Brazil. The plants in other countries mainly produce coffee for the local markets, while the plants in Italy produce coffee that is distributed globally.

Product Profile of Lavazza Coffee

Whether you are looking for espresso beans or beans for brewed coffee, Lavazza’s selection of whole beans has what you need. From smooth 100 Arabica blends like the Caffe Italiano to the bold flavors of Robusta/Arabica blends like the Espresso Barista Gran Crema, Lavazza has the beans to help you achieve your perfect cup of coffee.

Lavazza produces a range of ground coffees that are great blends for drip coffee or french press machines. From Gran Selezione, a dark roast with notes of chocolate, to Santa Marta, a single-origin medium roast with aromatic notes of praline, Lavazza offers a ground coffee for anyone’s palette.

Lavazza’s ¡Tierra! Organic coffees include a selection of ground and whole bean coffees that are grown on certified organic farms and are also UTZ certified, guaranteeing that Lavazza meets social and environmental quality standards in the production of the coffee. Consult product labels and box tops to see what country your beans were grown in.

Whether you have a Lavazza Blue coffee machine, a Keurig, or a Nespresso, Lavazza’s pods and capsules have you covered.

Lavazza sells Keurig K-cups in five of their most popular roasts in addition to Classico Decaf. Lavazza’s Nespresso compatible capsules, compatible with original Nespresso machines, include two espresso roasts, three additional caffeinated roasts, and the Decaffeinato Ricco.

Lavazza BLUE capsules, compatible only with the Lavazza BLUE coffee maker, are available in nine favorite roasts, including the ¡Tierra! Selection, which has hints of jasmine, dried fruit, and milk chocolate.

What is the Most Popular Lavazza Coffee?

The most popular Lavazza coffee is the Whole Bean Super Crema. This blend of Arabica and Robusta beans produces an espresso that is the perfect blend of sweet and bitter.

While the Lavazza Super Crema makes excellent, creamy espresso, the beans can also be ground more coarsely and used for brewed coffee.

Where to Buy Lavazza Coffee

You have many options of where to purchase Lavazza coffee. You can buy directly from the Lavazza website, Amazon, or find it at your local Costco or other retail stores.

The widest selection is available if you purchase directly from Lavazza’s website. The Lavazza website sells coffee machines and accessories in addition to whole beans, ground coffee, and coffee pods. Lavazza even offers coffee subscription services for monthly deliveries of coffee capsules, whole beans, or ground coffee.

You can create an account with Lavazza to receive promotional emails for discounts on coffee and related products. You can then sign in and edit your communication preferences. Your personal information and cookie activity on the website will give you ad choices of other products you might enjoy.


Amazon also carries a wide selection of Lavazza coffee products, and some types of coffee may be offered at a lower price than buying directly from the Lavazza website. Plus, adding coffee to your shopping cart is convenient if you are already an Amazon customer. If you have Amazon Prime, you will not need to worry about shipping costs, while on Lavazza’s website you need to spend $50 to earn free shipping.


Costco currently carries only two Lavazza products–Lavazza Caffe Espresso 100% Premium Arabica Coffee and Lavazza Tierra Organic Whole Bean Coffee. Although the selection is limited, Costco’s wholesale prices can’t be beaten.

Retail Stores

Lavazza can be found in many retail stores like Walmart, Target, and many regional grocery store chains, including Albertsons companies. While the selection of products likely will not rival what you can find online, the convenience of grabbing your coffee at your regular grocery store or on your Target run could be worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular coffee in Italy?

Lavazza boasts the nickname of “Italy’s favorite coffee” and estimates that 80% of coffee drinkers in Italy prefer Lavazza. Lavazza and Illy are the two most popular brands of coffee in Italy.

Illy roasts 100% Arabica beans, giving its coffees a smooth taste. While Illy is more popular with northern Italians, southern Italians tend to favor a bolder and more traditional coffee flavor, primary features of Lavazza coffee due to the addition of Robusta beans with the Arabica beans.

Wrapping Up

With its rich history and commitment to selling only the best coffee, it’s no wonder Lavazza is a well-known Italian coffee brand and one of the leaders in global coffee production.

For authentic Italian coffee brewed in the comfort of your own home, “Italy’s Favorite Coffee” may become your favorite as well. Get to know the global brand renowned for its bold, traditional Italian coffee.


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