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5 Key Points From The Joe Rogan Black Rifle Coffee Podcast

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Even with its controversial reputation, The Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Spotify is one of the most popular podcasts available, reaching about 11 million viewers per episode.

In addition to being an MMA fighter and a wildly successful podcast host (among other impressive accolades), Joe Rogan is also an avid coffee drinker and enthusiast.

In the JRE episode (episode #1963) that aired on August 5, 2021, politics and coffee come to a head.

If you enjoy coffee and controversy, it is time to fill your mug with your favorite roast and get comfortable while we unpack the key points covered in the Joe Rogan Black Rifle Coffee Podcast that shook the internet.

The Controversy

Prominent conservative and right-wing personalities raised their voice in unison on social media to denounce and boycott pro-military and veteran-owned Black Rifle Coffee Company after founder and owner, Evan Hafer, made certain remarks in a New York Times article titled, “Can the Black Rifle Coffee Company Become the Starbucks of the Right?”

According to Mr. Hafer, his statements in the article are being misrepresented and have led some to believe that he has betrayed his fans and customers.

Having built its brand image on being a patriotic, pro-2nd amendment coffee company that employs and supports the veteran community, Black Rifle Coffee has garnered a reputation as a pro-American company particularly beloved by right-wing patriots.

However, according to Mr. Hafer, the company’s logo was adopted, or “hijacked,” by right-wing extremists.

The company also became the target of online attacks by racists and antisemites, as Mr. Hafer happens to be Jewish.

When Mr. Hafer addressed these issues in the New York Times article by denouncing extremism and rejecting any affiliation with racist individuals or groups, he was met with backlash from right-wingers, who Mr. Hafer believes are misinterpreting his statements.

This backlash prompted Joe Rogan to have Mr. Hafer on as a guest on The JRE podcast to discuss the controversy and set the record straight.

What is the Coffee that Joe Rogan Drinks?

Although Joe Rogan drinks a variety of coffee, Black Rifle Coffee is at the top of his list.

Joe Rogan’s Reaction to Right-Wingers “Canceling” Black Rifle Coffee

Joe Rogan reacted to right-wingers “canceling” Black Rifle Coffee with indignation.

He began the podcast episode by rushing to the defense of his long-time friend and owner of BRC by stating, “When people were attacking you, I got butthurt.

It was so weird to see cancel culture coming from the right.”

Rogan’s Reaction: It Was the ‘Weirdest Dog Pile I’ve Ever Watched’

When describing the myriad of hostile attacks against Black Rifle Coffee coming from the right-wing on social media platforms, Rogan remarked that it was the “weirdest dogpile I’ve ever watched.”

Rogan then accused conservatives and right-wingers calling to boycott Black Rifle Coffee as engaging in the type of “cancel culture” they condemn.

Black Rifle Coffee Company Distances Itself From Kyle Rittenhouse

At a critical point in the episode, Rogan asks about Kyle Rittenhouse wearing a Black Rifle Coffee shirt and the controversy it caused.

Mr. Hafer explained that a group of people on the internet falsely claimed that BRC had sponsored Rittenhouse, and so he felt the need to clear that up in the NYT article.

Evan explained that some people misrepresented those statements as him weighing in on the validity of Rittenhouse’s right to self-defense claim, stating that “a portion of the Internet decided to say we had somehow disavowed him by literally stating a fact which was we hadn’t sponsored him.”

He further explained to Rogan: “What had happened was that NPR and a few other mainstream media sources had reported that we had somehow sponsored him and I had to clear it because, listen, we weren’t sponsoring him.”

Mr. Hafer emphasized that he was “not weighing in and saying whether or not it was legal or justifiable.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions regarding Black Rifle Coffee.

Who Are The Owners Of Black Rifle Coffee?

Evan Hafer is the owner and founder of Black Rifle Coffee.

He is a self-proclaimed conservative, a former U.S. Army green beret, and ex-CIA.

What Is Special About Black Rifle Coffee?

Black Rifle Coffee is veteran-owned and markets itself as a coffee company for patriots.

In addition to having a veteran employment program, a portion of every purchase is donated to charity for veterans.

Did Shark Tank Have Black Rifle Coffee?

Black Rifle Coffee has never been featured on the television series Shark Tank.

How Black Rifle Coffee Company Made Itself One of the Right’s Biggest Brands?

While still in the military, Mr. Hafer would roast his own coffee as a hobby whenever he had downtime.

Soon his hobby for creating the best cup of joe developed into a passion.

When he left the military yearning for the kind of independence he fought for, he decided to turn his passion into a business and began roasting coffee in his garage.

Eventually, he teamed up with viral video creator and fellow ex-military/CIA Mat Best (among others) to advertise his coffee company at the end of his videos, and to his surprise, the orders started pouring in virtually overnight.

Black Rifle Coffee Company quickly found favor within pro-military and patriot communities.

And the rest, as they say, is history!

Wrapping Up

Ever since United States special forces veteran Evan Hafer launched Black Rifle Coffee out of his garage, the company has been supported by those identifying with conservative and right-wing values.

However, his remarks disavowing racism in a New York Times article have been taken less favorably by a specific portion of Black Rifle Coffee’s customer base.

Although he holds firm in his rejection of racism, Mr. Hafer’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience makes clear that Black Rifle Coffee Company had no intention of betraying its customers and fans and has not flipped on its longstanding commitment to its pro-American values.

If you are a proud American, support the military, and love quality coffee, it only makes sense to show Black Rifle Coffee Company some support!

If you are interested in learning more about Evan Hafer and want to stay in the BRC loop, check out the Black Rifle Coffee Podcast.


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