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Best Coffee To Drink Black In 2022: 9 Options

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Are you a coffee drinker who loves the taste of black coffee?

If so, you’re in luck.

In this article, we will discuss the best coffee to drink black and take you through each coffee’s unique flavor profiles.

We’ll also talk about the health benefits of drinking black coffee and dispel some common myths about this drink.

So, whether you’re a beginner or a coffee aficionado, read on to learn more about the best type of coffee to drink black.

What Is Black Coffee?

Black coffee is simply coffee that you brew without adding any milk, cream, or sugar.

Some people enjoy black coffee because it offers a strong, bold flavor.

Others find the taste too bitter and prefer to add milk or cream to their coffee.

Why Do People Drink It?

There are a few reasons why people might choose to drink black coffee.

For some, it’s simply a matter of preference.

They don’t like instant coffee.

Instead, they enjoy the taste of black coffee and don’t feel the need to add anything to it.

Others might drink black coffee for health reasons.

Others might drink black coffee because they’re trying to avoid flavored coffee or to cut back on their calorie intake.

Health Benefits of Black Coffee

In addition to its unique flavor, black coffee offers several health benefits.

For one, black coffee provides a good source of antioxidants.

These nutrients can help to protect your cells from damage.

They may even reduce your risk of some chronic diseases.

Black coffee is also a low-calorie beverage.

It’s helpful if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Finally, black coffee can help to improve your mental alertness and focus.

If you’re looking for a morning pick-me-up, you might love drinking coffee black.

Usual Coffee Types for Drinking Black Coffee

Now that we’ve discussed some of the reasons why people might drink black coffee, let’s take a look at three basic black coffee types.

Dark Roasts

As the name suggests, dark roast coffees get roasted for a longer period than light roast or medium roast coffees.

The process results in a coffee with a darker color and a more intense flavor.

Dark roast coffees are often described as tasting smoky.

If you’re looking for a strong cup of coffee, a dark roast is a good choice.

Medium-Roast Coffees

Medium-roast coffees will get roasted for a shorter period than dark roasts.

The resulting coffee offers a moderate flavor and a light to medium body.

Choose a medium roast when you’re looking for a coffee that’s not too strong but still has a rich flavor.

Light Roasts

Light roast coffees roast for the shortest amount of time.

The result is a coffee with a light body and a delicate flavor.

If you’re looking for a mild cup of coffee, then you’ll most likely enjoy the light roast variety.

The Best Coffee Brands To Drink Black We’ve Found

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of black coffee, let’s take a look at nine of the best options out there.

1. Peet’s Coffee, Major Dickason’s Blend

Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend is a dark roast coffee that offers a rich and intense flavor.

It’s made with 100% Arabica beans, which gives it a smooth taste.

Throughout Alfred Peet’s life, he focused on creating signature blends that provided complexity and nuance for coffee lovers.

The company continues to keep Peet’s legacy alive.

It makes sure to care for communities where it grows its coffee beans.

Peet’s sources its great coffee from areas where coffee harvesters do so in a responsible manner.

The Major Dickason’s Blend is Peet’s best-selling coffee.

It’s a good choice for those who are looking for a strong cup of coffee.

You’ll enjoy a coffee that gets roasted by hand, stays fresh, and never gets stale.

2. Cubico Coffee, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Cubico Coffee is a single-origin coffee that’s sourced from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia.

Roasted in small batches, these beans preserve their flavor well.

A medium roast, this coffee provides a delicate and light body with floral notes.

A family-owned company, Cubico started offering coffee back in 1887.

The company roasts its Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee in small batches to make sure it retains a consistent taste.

You’ll enjoy a creamy and smooth body, intense aroma, and complex flavors when brewing this soothing coffee brand.

3. Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee

The Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee is a rich and full-bodied coffee.

A single-origin organic brand, it offers a low-acid option for black coffee lovers.

Lifeboost focuses on sourcing its beans ethically.

You’ll receive a non-GMO coffee bean that gives you a rich flavor.

Using spring water and a sun-dried process, Lifeboost’s Dark Roast coffee tastes pure and natural.

If you experience stomach discomfort from acidic coffees, try this brand.

It’s a low-acid solution that should lessen any acidic side effects.

4. Alma Coffee Enchanted Blend

A dark roast blend, Alma Coffee’s Enchanted Blend offers a rich and bold flavor.

Using its slow-roast process to perfection, this coffee offers the perfect blend that tastes great black.

You’ll enjoy a full-bodied cup of coffee with dark chocolate and nut undertones.

Alma Coffee’s Enchanted Blend doesn’t add flavoring, so you’ll taste the natural flavors of toasted pecans.

The company is also environmentally-friendly, using recyclable and compostable packaging.

So, you can feel good about supporting Alma Coffee’s sustainable practices.

5. Caffe Vita Bistro Blend

A medium to light roast, Caffe Vita’s Bistro Blend is a coffee that offers a rich and bold coffee flavor.

Roasted to perfection, these beans provide wonderful, natural flavors.

You’ll enjoy tasting chocolate, caramel, and almond notes in every sip.

Caffe Vita grows these beans at high altitudes and brings a balanced cup of coffee after blending Indonesian, East African, and South American beans.

The company recommends brewing its Bistro Blend with the French press method.

6. Volcanica Kenya AA

Here’s an Arabica coffee that will give you a pleasant aroma when drinking this brewed coffee.

It provides flavors that include fresh-cut redwood, raspberry, alyssum-like flowers, and cranberry in every cup.

The Volcanica Kenya AA coffee beans are grown in the central highlands of Kenya.

The volcanic soil there gives the coffee a unique flavor.

After roasting, you’ll notice that this coffee provides a light body with delicate acidity.

With its “AA” grade, you can rest assured that you’re using large beans with the greatest levels of aromatic oils.

7. Koffee Kult – Colombia

Do you like a chocolate-like flavor to your black coffee?

If so, you’ll enjoy drinking a cup brewed from Koffee Kult’s Columbia beans.

It’s a gluten-free version of its coffee and grown in the Huila region.

The beans are grown organically and harvested in small batches to ensure the best bold flavors possible.

It’s a gourmet coffee that gives you a medium acidity selection without any bitterness.

Give it a try and enjoy its bold flavor while drinking it black.

8. Lavazza – Super Crema

While drinking this coffee black, you’ll enjoy a 40% Robusta/60% Arabica medium roast mix.

Lavazza recommends using it with an espresso machine for best results.

The company produces this Italian coffee in a nut-free facility.

You’ll notice brown sugar and hazelnut notes when drinking this creamy, mild coffee.

Due to its compact crema, soft texture, and fruity and flowery notes, you shouldn’t ever feel the need to douse it with creamer.

One of the best things about this Super Crema selection is the anticipation created by the aromas as you wait for it to complete its brewing process.

9. Stumptown Coffee French Roasted

Here’s a dark roast coffee offering that will fill your home with an excellent aroma.

Drink it black to taste all of its smoky notes of bittersweet chocolate and cloves.

Stumptown uses a type of bag that ensures freshness for 90 days while unopened.

You can buy a few bags and store them for future use.

Headquartered in Portland, the company prides itself on sustainability and keeping the environment in mind.

How to Train Yourself to Drink Black Coffee

If you’re not used to drinking black coffee, it might take some time to get accustomed to its taste.

Here are a few tips that can help.

1. Start With a Lighter Roast

Consider starting with a lighter roast.

The lighter the roast type, the milder the flavor you will experience.

You can gradually work your way up to darker roasts as you get used to the taste of black coffee.

2. Wean Your Way off Sugar Slowly

If you typically add sugar or other sweeteners to your coffee, try weaning yourself off of them gradually.

Start by adding a little less sugar each time you make coffee until you’re no longer using any at all.

3. Buy Fresh Coffee Beans

One of the best ways to ensure that you will enjoy your black coffee is to start with fresh, high-quality coffee beans.

Buy whole beans and grind them yourself just before brewing for the best flavor.

Stale coffee beans can make even the best coffee taste bad.

4. Buy Whole Beans, and Don’t Grind Until You Brew

When it comes to coffee, freshness is key.

That’s why you should always buy whole beans and grind them yourself just before brewing.

This way, you’ll get the best flavor possible.

5. Try Japanese Cold Brew

Japanese cold brew is a type of coffee that brews using room-temperature or cold water.

The brewing method results in a less acidic and less bitter cup of coffee.

6. Keep Your Tummy Happy

Here are a few tips to help you prevent acidity, stomach reflux, or stomach aches when drinking black coffee.

  • Have a light breakfast before enjoying coffee drinks
  • Avoid foods that are high in acidity, such as citrus fruits
  • Try not to drink coffee late at night

Which Brewing Methods Make the Best Coffee to Drink Black?

There are different brewing methods you can use to make coffee.

Some of the most popular methods include drip brewing, French press, and cold brew.

Using a drip-brew coffee maker is a quick and easy method that produces a well-rounded cup of coffee.

However, you don’t have much control here because drip machines vary drastically.

The French press is a more hands-on method that allows you to control the flavor of your coffee.

Cold-brew is best if you’re looking for a less acidic cup of coffee.

The cold brewing process takes longer, but it’s worth the wait.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about black coffee?

Here are a few answers to some of the most common questions.

Is there anything I can do to reduce the bitterness and acidity of coffee without adding cream or sugar?

There are a few things you can try.

First, start with a lighter roast coffee.

The darker the roast, the more bitter the coffee will taste.

You can also try brewing methods that produce less acidic coffee, such as cold brew or French press.

Is drinking black coffee healthier than drinking coffee with milk or cream?  

Yes, black coffee is generally healthier than coffee with milk, whipped cream, or regular cream.

Milk and cream can add calories and fat to your coffee, while black coffee is calorie-free.

Is drinking black coffee good for weight loss?  

Yes, black coffee can help you lose weight.

The caffeine in coffee can boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories.

Plus, black coffee can help you feel full.

Can we drink black coffee on an empty stomach?  

Drinking black coffee on an empty stomach can sometimes cause indigestion and heartburn.

To avoid this, eat a light breakfast before you drink coffee.

Is it better to drink coffee in one gulp or drink it slowly?  

It’s best to drink coffee slowly so you can enjoy the flavor.

Sipping it slowly will also help you avoid indigestion and heartburn.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to choosing the best black coffee, it depends on your personal preferences.

Do you like strong, bold coffee?

If so, then you might want to try a dark roast.

Looking for something a little milder?

A light roast or medium roast may be more up your alley.

Finally, keep in mind that the best coffee to drink black is ultimately the coffee that you enjoy the most.

So, don’t be afraid to experiment until you find your perfect cup of fresh-roasted coffee.


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