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Atlas Coffee Club: Subscription Options, Pricing & More

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These days there is a subscription service for just about everything, including coffee. As self-proclaimed coffee addicts, this is a trend we can get behind.

Atlas Coffee Club is one such subscription service that has provided quality coffee beans to subscribers around the world for years.

In this article, we’ll discuss not only what Atlas Coffee Club is and its mission but what you can expect in terms of coffee, pricing, experience, and more.

What is the Atlas Coffee Club?

At its core, Atlas Coffee Club is a coffee subscription service. They provide a monthly subscription box filled with carefully roasted coffee beans to subscribers for a flat fee. Each month, these boxes are curated with craft coffee from different parts of the world to allow people to sample a delicious variety of coffee.

The goal behind Atlas Coffee Club was to combine a shared love of travel and wanderlust with good coffee. They are also strong believers in fair trade coffee practices and sustainability.

To date, they claim to have over 100,000 coffee lovers utilizing their service.

Overall Experience of Atlas Coffee Club?

The overall experience with Atlas Coffee Club has been a positive one. They have an attractive, user-friendly website that makes signing up and canceling orders easy. They also provide a rich amount of details on their coffee, like the coffee’s country of origin, tasting profiles, and more.

How to Order

Ordering is easy. Simply hop online and visit their website to view their subscription packages. You can select from an easy-to-navigate ordering menu with clear images that help narrow down your order preferences.

Coffee can be delivered on a 2 week or 4-week basis, with variations in the number of coffee bags you would like as well.

The entire process is incredibly simple and takes only a minute or two of your time.

Tasting the Coffee

You can order coffee from Atlas Coffee Club in three different bag sizes. If you’re interested in simply sampling the coffee for that month, try a half bag, which comes with 6oz of coffee grounds or beans. If you’re a multiple-cups-a-day type of person, you may benefit from the more robust 24 oz packages.

Each package comes with brewing instructions for the specific coffee inside, so you are guaranteed a positive tasting experience. They also provide a collectible postcard from the coffee’s country of origin, which describes where it came from and how it was processed. The card details the different flavors and tasting notes you will likely experience in each cup as well.

The Packaging

The coffee is delivered to you in a standard cardboard bean box with the Atlas Coffee Club logo on the top flap. Words printed around the box say “The world of coffee and travel” over an image of a map of the world.

In each box, you will find a unique bag of globally curated coffee. Each country has its own colorful packaging with bold, vibrant prints. Truthfully, it’s hard to throw these bags away once they are empty because they are each little works of art.

Unique Features of Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club exceeds expectations with many unique features in its subscription packages.

For starters, they provide several specialty-grade, hand-picked single-origin coffee that you won’t be able to find on the shelves at your local supermarket. Every delicious coffee comes from carefully brewed micro-lots with beans harvested from specific countries worldwide. You are guaranteed to experience exciting coffee flavors with each delivery.

Their coffee beans are roasted fresh to order, which means that you can select the roast types that you prefer, or you can mix things up and have them send you a variety of roast types to try. You can even choose the type of grind you want.

We especially love how educational this particular subscription box is. Not only do you get to experience something unique and new on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, but you also get to learn about coffee production, processing, and cultural facts from the country it was grown in. They also explain the different tasting notes in each bag.

Atlas Coffee Club Selection

There are coffee selections from a wide range of countries, including:

  • Costa Rica
  • Brazil
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Colombia
  • Indonesia
  • Peru
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Myanmar
  • Ecuador
  • Tanzania
  • Congo
  • Burundi
  • El Salvador

Each box contains up to two coffee bags of new micro-lot coffee, ground and roasted to your specifications.

Compared to other similar subscriptions, Atlas Coffee Club’s coffee offerings are limited in that you don’t have the ability to choose from specific countries or flavor profiles. They handle all of that for you. If you’re an adventurous person who enjoys trying new things, the surprise of it all may work out in your favor.

If you’re not a fan of caffeinated coffee, Atlas Coffee Club does offer decaf coffee options as well.

Which Is The Best Coffee?

Truthfully, it’s hard to narrow down which of their coffee selections is the best. That is because they are all incredibly unique, with nuanced flavor profiles and brewing specifications that will satisfy a wide range of coffee preferences.

The roasting process for all of their coffees is continually tweaked and monitored for the utmost freshness and quality. Because of this, we recommend trying their mixed roast membership package, which will bring you a range of light, medium, and dark roasts to sample and perhaps launch you out of your coffee comfort zone.

How Much is Atlas Coffee Club a Month?

The prices at Atlas Coffee Club are extremely flexible, not to mention affordable.

They sell their fresh coffee by the bag for fixed prices. Their smallest option is the 6oz half-bag of ground coffee or beans, which sells for $4. The most popular option is the 2 12oz bags of coffee for $28 a shipment. All in all, this equals about $.30 a cup.

Subscribers are also required to pay for shipping, which can vary depending on your location.

They accept payment in the form of credit cards and Paypal.

Atlas Coffee Club Membership Options

Membership options are pretty straightforward. Subscribers can select from coffee delivery every 2 or 4 weeks, with the flat price per bag charged each time.  

Subscribers can also earn rewards points through their orders, which can be applied to future purchases in the form of free shipping or obtaining free goodies. You are automatically enrolled in the program when you sign up for a monthly subscription and activate your account.

Finally, if you have a coffee lover in your life who would appreciate unique coffee being delivered to their door, Atlas Coffee Club offers gift subscriptions. They offer a 3-month starter pack for $60, a 6-month standard package for $109, and a full year-long subscription for $199.

What is Atlas Coffee Club’s Shipping Policy?

Atlas Coffee Club charges a flat shipping rate for each delivery rather than building it into their monthly pricing.

They ship to the US, with a turnaround of 3 to 6 business days, and internationally to Canada, with a turnaround of 5 to 12 business days.

What is Atlas Coffee Club’s Return Policy?

Coffee ordered through Atlas Coffee Club is non-refundable and cannot be returned. If you wish to stop receiving coffee deliveries, you will need to cancel your subscription.

How Do I Cancel My Atlas Coffee Club Subscription?

If for some reason you aren’t happy with your coffee subscription and would like to cancel it, you simply need to send their support desk an email with your request. Once you receive a confirmation email that the subscription has been canceled, you will stop being charged and receiving deliveries.

It is also possible to cancel the subscription on your own through your online account.

Common Questions About Atlas Coffee Club

Let’s address a few common questions about Atlas Coffee Club.

Where is Atlas Coffee Club Located?

Currently, Atlas Coffee Club is headquartered in Austin, Texas. As a result, they deliver to only the United States and Canada.

Who Owns Atlas Coffee Club?

Atlas Coffee Club was co-founded by entrepreneurs and avid travelers Michael Shewmake and Jon Miller. Michael is an enthusiastic coffee lover who wanted to bring the world’s coffee flavors to people. Jon handles much of the company’s day-to-day operations.

Their executive creative director is Jordan Rosenacker, and their director of operations is Omar Abdel-Latief.

Atlas Coffee also works with a team of contributors, including food bloggers, designers, filmmakers, cooks, food photographers, and more who help them bring their vision to life.

Final Thoughts

Atlas Coffee Club is a supremely perfect coffee subscription service. They bring single origin beans from all over the world to your front door, allowing you to indulge in a variety of flavors you simply can’t experience with regular store bought coffee.

With their personalized service, their affordable prices, and exceptional coffee quality, the experience with this coffee subscription box is a fantastic journey you won’t want to miss out on.


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