How fresh is your coffee?
Our coffee is roasted-to-order and then shipped directly to you generally within the same day or next , which means you get the freshest bag of delicious coffee you can possibly get!

Do you ship ground coffee?
We do, but we prefer to ship whole bean since everybody's grind preference is different! We like leaving you in charge of your own brew! Plus, once the bean has been ground it will start to go bad at a faster rate. Keep it fresh!

Is your coffee organic?
Although we are not USDA Organic Certified, our specialty coffee still goes beyond the FDA standards and guidelines to earn the label of Organic Coffee. Unfortunately, USDA Certification is expensive and many farmers do not want to (or can't) go through this pricey certification process.

What is single-origin coffee? Do you have any blends?
Single-Origin coffee is a type of specialty coffee that is sourced from a single region, typically measured by country. So you'll see origins like "Mexico", "Uganda" and "Peru" amongst our offerings. Check out our Blog post for more information on Single-Origin!

Currently, the only blend we have is our "Cold Brew." We're always working on getting more though!

Do you sell K-Cups?
We do not sell single-use K-Cups. They are a horrible waste for the environment and will sit in landfills for up to 500 years!

However, there are reusable K-Cups out there you can buy and fill with our coffee! In fact, these machines actually save on electricity and use less water than a typical drip coffee maker. Just search reusable K-Cups and help us protect our planet!

Do you have Coffee Subscriptions?
We DO NOT do coffee subscriptions at this time. That is something we plan on working towards though! Stay tuned!



Do you carbon offset your shipments?
We do! We calculate how much carbon was released due to our shipments and we donate the amount it would take to reverse that release to an organization that specialization in carbon reduction practices! You can read more about Carbon Offsetting on our blog!

What are your carbon offsets funding?
Our offsets are currently funding the Jarí Para REDD+ Avoided Unplanned Deforestation project. This is a Verified Carbon Standard certified project that will be verified by Pachama using their monitoring technology. The charges made for our offsets go towards protecting the existing forest, improving the biomass through better forest management practices, and verifying the progress of the project!

Are your bags eco-friendly?
We are in the middle of making the push to have 100% compostable coffee bags! Every part of the bag, including the label will be eco-friendly! We'll be sure to let you know when we start!

What is "1% for the Planet"?
1% for the Planet is an organization we've partnered with whose mission is to fund non-profit environmental organizations by making businesses like us pledge to donate at least 1% of our profits to help fight the good fight! You can find more information about them Here.

Which charitable organizations do you donate to?
You can find a list of all of the foundations we've donated to via our 1% for the Planet profile. So far we've given back to the National Forest Foundation!

In addition, at the end of every year we'll provide a transparency report to communicate to our community how much and to whom we've donated our 1% to! Keep your eyes open!

For complete detail about our sustainability practices, visit Our Story page to learn more!



Are your apparel and gear products eco-friendly?
Yes they are! Not only are the materials of our gear products eco-friendly, we also make sure they are produced in an environmentally friendly way! Let us explain...

All of our products are made-to-order; this way we avoid textile, electrical, chemical, and other forms of waste caused by typical mass-production practices. Our printing partner's state-of-the-art DTG printer creates almost no wastewaters and uses less energy, effectively lowering our carbon footprint!

Additionally, our products are shipped directly from our partner to you. That cuts out the unnecessary step of shipping to us and then to you, therefore reducing the total amount of carbon emissions produced from shipping! Every little bit helps!


When will you ship my order?
Please allow us 2-4 business days days to fulfill, roast, and ship your order! You can find our general roasting schedule on each our our coffee pages.

When will I get my order?
We typically use USPS which takes between 2 - 5 days (depending on your location). You can track your order Here.

* COVID-19 may cause delays in shipping times

Why do your coffee and gear ship separately?
Our gear products are made-to-order and shipped directly from our printing partner, so it is impossible to include your coffee and merch together. This process allows for an overall more eco-friendly and sustainable practice! You can read more about it on Our Story page.

Do you ship internationally?
We do not ship internationally at this time.


Please see our Return Policy for more information on returns/exchanges.

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